SYRIZA government

Ex-minister hospitalized after collapsing in Parliament

SYRIZA MP Tryfonas Alexiadis, 60, was rushed to an Athens hospital on Tuesday after fainting during a meeting of his party's parliamentary group in a House chamber.

Alexiadis, who served as alternate finance minister in the SYRIZA government under Alexis Tsipras, was given first aid at the scene by lawmakers Pavlos Polakis and Yiannis Mouzalas, who are physicians.

Minister says new bill will rectify past injustices

Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis said Monday that a new bill on social insurance which will soon be tabled in Parliament will rectify injustices inflicted upon the country's pensioners.
The new legislation, Vroutsis said, will ensure that retired farmers will be able to continue their professional activities without any cuts to their pensions.

From Carter to Trump

Prior to the 1976 US presidential election excessive expectations were cultivated among Greeks regarding the expected election of Jimmy Carter.

The candidate was depicted as a philhellene and much was invested in his electoral victory.

Past haunts SYRIZA

The leftist SYRIZA government was in a terrific rush to get its new penal code voted through the Greek Parliament just before the national election last summer. 

This has had a negative impact on financial crime cases that had been pending, including those involving stock market fraud that had shattered the confidence of foreign investors in the Greek economy.

Politics of noise

While New Democracy was still in opposition, certain media-savvy politicians helped dismantle the SYRIZA government. Their efforts were later rewarded at the ballot box.