Croatian President Visits Afghanistan, Vows Support

Grabar Kitarovic began her visit on Sunday to Afghanistan's capital Kabul, where she met Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

"I am proud that Croatia, over these 12 years, has participated in the first combat mission of NATO, ISAF [International Security Assistance Force], and is now participating in Operation Determined Support," she said.

MAE: Romania's ambassador to Pakistan, slightly injured in helicopter crash, did not need hospitalisation

Spokesperson for Romania's Foreign Ministry (MAE) Raluca Lunculescu said Friday that the Romanian diplomat aboard a helicopter that crashed in Pakistan earlier in the day was slightly injured; although he was rushed to a hospital in the region, he did not need hospitalisation for his injuries and it is now safely in the town of Gilgit.

Army Helicopter Carrying Ambassadors Crashes in Pakistan, Kills 7 People

Seven people were killed after an army helicopter crashed in a mountainous region in the Gilgit-Baltistan territory in northern Pakistan on Friday.

The causes of the crash remain unknown, as some sources say that the helicopter crashed during an emergency landing, while others claim it was taken down by Talibans.

Taliban announce plans to ramp up attacks in Afghanistan

The Afghan Taliban announced the start of its annual spring offensive on April 22, warning it would ramp up attacks on foreign embassies and government officials as well as military targets.

"If the foreign occupiers really want to relieve themselves from this nuisance of fighting, they should immediately withdraw," the Taliban said in a statement.