Turkey's parliament

Property demand from foreigners continues to decline in Turkey

Property sales to foreigners continued to plunge in Turkey in February, while overall sales also saw a quite slight fall, official data showed on March 24. 

Housing sales decreased by 0.2 percent in February compared to the same month of the previous year to 101,468 units, the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK) announced.      

Turkey's proposed charter shift weakens democracy: Venice Commission report

The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe has prepared a report regarding the April 16 constitutional referendum in which citizens of Turkey will decide whether to replace the current parliamentary system with an executive presidency, warning that the changes would usher in a "one-person regime."

Turkish parliament passes law eliminating VAT for foreign property buyers

Turkey's parliament has approved an omnibus law which introduced an exemption of 18 percent of value-added tax (VAT) for foreigners who invest in real estate in Turkey. 

The law, which was passed by parliament late on Feb. 23, will also be applicable to Turks who live and work abroad for more than six months. 

Public Employees Union headquarters attacked after head called for 'no' in charter referendum

A group of people raided the headquarters of a union in Ankara on Jan. 24, beating the private security personnel and chanting slogans against the union head's recent objection to constitutional amendments that will give greater powers to the president.

Barça midfielder Turan joins campaign to encourage 'yes' vote in Turkish referendum

Turkish and Barcelona football player Arda Turan has participated in a video series that was launched by a group of athletes and celebrities encouraging a "yes" vote in an upcoming referendum on charter amendments to shift the current parliamentary system to an executive presidential system.

Turkish Parliament approves Article 12 of constitutional package 

Turkey's parliament on Jan. 20 approved Article 12 of an 18-item constitutional amendment package in the second round of voting in a move to shift the country's government system to an executive presidential system.  
The article, which outlines the president's authority to declare a state of emergency, was approved with 342 votes in favor, 12 over the necessary threshold.