Turkish Foreign Ministry

Athens reacts to Turkish Foreign Ministry statement on Pontic genocide

Athens is accusing Ankara of trying to "manipulate history" after the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday denouncing comments by Greek politicians on the anniversary of the Pontic genocide, the massacre of ethnic Greeks by the Turks during World War I and the subsequent Greek-Turkish war.

Diplomats unimpressed by Turkish East Med briefing

In the latest sign of Turkey's expansionist ambitions in the Eastern Mediterranean, representatives of foreign diplomatic missions in Ankara - including a Greek Embassy official - who were briefed about the country's plans for offshore drilling operations were shown maps that violated the sovereign territory of Greece and Cyprus.

MAE: Melescanu in Ankara, in Romania - Turkey - Poland trilateral meeting

Regional and international security and the contribution to meeting NATO's goals were the topics Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu and his counterparts approached within the round of trilateral consultations of the foreign affairs ministers of Romania, Poland and Turkey, carried out over 18 -19 April in Ankara.