Turkish Medical Association

Police to pull out all stops to prevent Taksim May Day celebrations

Workers' unions have continued their calls to meet in Istanbul's Taksim Square for May Day celebrations, but the Istanbul Police Department has begun taking excessive security measures to prevent unions from gathering at the square after the governor's office prohibited rallies in the square.

Turkish anti-addiction body adds prostitution, technology to enemies list

The Turkish Green Crescent Society (Ye?ilay), an organization that endeavors to protect society and its youth from "harmful habits," has added "prostitution, technology and gambling" to its list of habits, as it prepares to receive more government funding into its budget.

Draft bill on Health Sciences University to change academic system: Medical association head

Turkish Medical Association Head Bayazıt İlhan has said President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s proposal to open the way for doctors working at state hospitals to become professors would completely disrupt the academic system.