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President Iohannis challenges in court fine from CNCD for his statements regarding the Szeklerland

President Klaus Iohannis has challenged the 5,000 lei worth fine from the National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) related to his statement regarding the draft law on the autonomy of the Szekerland. His challenge was submitted with the court on Friday and asks for the cancellation of the CNCD Decision No. 443/20.05.2020.

Lawyers in Golden Dawn trial request daily hearings to avoid delays

Ahead of the resumption of the long-running trial over the alleged criminal action of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn (GD) on June 17, the lawyers representing the victims called for daily hearings to speed up the proceedings in case a new coronavirus outbreak in the fall disrupts the courts.

Court recognizes contract work for employee, cancels dismissal

A lower court in Athens sided with an employee who worked with successive fixed-term employment contracts in a kindergarten from 2007 to 2018, ruling that these contracts constitute a single contract of indefinite duration.

The court argued that, in this case, the woman covered continuous needs of the employer which did not justify the signing of fixed-term contracts.

Row over Hagia Sophia an artificial crisis: Akşener

İYİ (Good) Party chair Meral Akşener has criticized President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for sparking "artificial crises" in order to divert people's attention from economic and other pressing issues and suggested that the government's recent demand to turn the Hagia Sophia museum into a mosque was one of them.