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Prison sentences for Kosovo-Metohija Serbs reverted to fines

PRISTINA - A Pristina basic court on Tuesday sentenced two Kosovo-Metohija Serbs to six months in prison for "involvement in a crowd committing criminal offences or hooliganism."

The men, Dusan Obrenovic and Rados Petrovic, were arrested in May last year following protests in Zvecan.

As they have pleaded guilty, their sentences were reverted to 6,000 euro fines.

Tennis Legends: Profiles of the Most Iconic Players in the Sport

Tennis is a rapidly changing game where new talent is always challenging the top players at different events. Getting to the top and staying there isn't easy, and many players have come and gone over the years. Some have shined brightly during their peak years and continued to compete against younger, fitter players to keep winning.

Two additional lawsuits filed against the Kecmanović: Five lawsuits in total

Two new lawsuits were filed against the Kecmanovi by the parents of the wounded children, and preparatory hearings for those lawsuits are scheduled for March and May, Tanjug learns.
Lawsuits were filed for compensation for non-material damages due to physical pain, suffered fear and psychological pain, while the teacher also filed a lawsuit for reduced life activities.

Bulgarian Families Affected By Car Accidents Protest Again In Sofia

A protest by families who have lost their children in accidents is taking place in Sofia today. At 8:30, they closed the intersection of "Alabin" Street and "Vitosha" Boulevard, right next to the Courthouse. The participants have requests for fairness and increased road regulation.

Sofia Takes to the Streets: Anger Erupts as Accused in Teen's Death Released!

Today, in the center of Sofia, a protest will take place following the release from court of the 37-year-old man accused in the death of 15-year-old Filip Arsov. The accused Peter Todorov struck the 15-year-old boy on "Gurko" street in the capital at the beginning of September last year. Peter Todorov is charged with causing death through intentional traffic violations.

London court rejects suspending arms exports to Israel

The London High Court rejected a petition to suspend British arms exports to Israel, the lawyers for the plaintiffs said on Tuesday.

A coalition of legal advocacy groups had asked the High Court in January to expedite a judicial review of the U.K. government's decision to keep selling military parts and arms to Israel.