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Too Many Children Suffering Abuse in Kosovo Schools, TV Show Hears

Sexual, physical and mental abuse of school pupils in Kosovo is one of the biggest challenges for Kosovo's Social Welfare Centres, after domestic violence, due to the high number of phsycological, physical and sexual abuse cases in schools, BIRN Kosovo's TV show Kallxo Pernime heard on Wednesday

Construction of Giannis Antetokounmpo basketball court begins in Ghana

Construction work on a basketball court jointly funded by a Greek government donation has begun in Ghana, the Foreign Ministry tweeted on Friday.

Construction work has started in St.Nicholas' Greek School in Tema #Ghana, for a 🏀court which is co-funded from a donation by the 🇬🇷 Government

Couple jailed in Spain over 1.6-mn euro wine heist

A Spanish court on Monday jailed a couple for stealing 45 bottles of wine worth over 1.6 million euros from a hotel restaurant in what police called a "meticulously planned" theft.

A bottle of Chateau D'Yquem 1806 worth 350,000 euros was among the wines stolen from the Atrio hotel in Caceres in southwest Spain in October 2021 in the heist which made global headlines.

Constitutional Court throws out recourse for bailed-in bank investors

In a landmark ruling Slovenia's top court has abrogated a law that required the Slovenian central bank to compensate those who lost their investments during the banking sector bailout of 2013, when roughly tens of thousands of holders of shares and junior bonds were completely wiped out.