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Court confirms plagiarism in renowned Turkish author's novel

A court has ordered renowned Turkish author Elif Şafak and Doğan Publishing to pay a total of 252,000 Turkish Liras ($8,320) in damages to Mine Kırıkkınat for copying her work.

The case was brought to light by Turkish author Kırıkkanat, whose work "Fly Palace" was copied by Şafak in her "Flea Palace."

Cabinet to discuss same-sex marriage bill on Wednesday

Draft laws on same-sex marriage and on reforming the court system will be on the agenda for discussion by the cabinet on Wednesday. 

State Minister Akis Skertsos is set to present the bill on marriage equality while Justice Minister Giorgos Floridis and Deputy Minister Yiannis Bougas will present a bill on judicial reforms.

3 defendants released in İstiklal bomb attack case

Three defendants have been released in the case of the 2022 terrorist bombing that claimed the lives of six people on İstiklal Avenue, one of the tourist hotspots in Istanbul's Beyoğlu district.

The trial continued in relation to the terrorist bomb attack on İstiklal Avenue on Nov. 13, 2022, in which six people were killed and 99 were wounded.

Sexual assault accuser confronts Trump in NY trial

The woman whom Donald Trump was found liable of sexually assaulting faced off with the former president Wednesday in a New York courtroom to say he subsequently ruined her reputation.

E. Jean Carroll, 80, is seeking more than $10 million alleging that Trump defamed her in 2019, when she first made her assault allegations public, by saying she "is not my type."

Cabinet Rotation Sparks Departure: Health Minister Hinkov Steps Down

Healthcare Minister Hristo Hinkov conveyed to journalists today that he will not continue in his role following the anticipated cabinet rotation in March. Citing a lack of political support as a pivotal factor, Hinkov stressed that the choice to step down was solely his own.