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Ex-Church treasurer suing state over prosecution, imprisonment

Ljubljana – Mirko Krašovec, a former treasurer of the Maribor Archdiocese who has been acquitted of fraud in EU funds and of involvement in a resale of shares, is suing the state for EUR 700,000 in damages for unjustified prosecution and four months of unjustified imprisonment, the newspaper Večer reports on Monday.

First ever life sentence in Slovenia quashed

Maribor – The Maribor Higher Court has quashed the December 2021 ruling sentencing to life in prison Silvo Drevenšek, who pleaded guilty to murdering his former spouse and her parents in front of his four-year-old son on Christmas Eve 2020. The court has made the decision because six instead of five judges ruled on the case.

Day 50 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Russia's Flagship in the Black Sea Damaged, US with New Military Aid to Kyiv

Russia's flagship in the Black Sea has been seriously damaged, the United States with new military aid to Ukraine, Russia threatens Kyiv with attacks, new military and civilian casualties on both sides. Here are the highlights of key events in the Russia-Ukraine war for the past day:

Russia's flagship in the Black Sea has been heavily damaged