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Srebrenica’s Young Translators: How Our Jobs Saved Our Lives

Ramic spoke English and he became one of several young people who managed to feed their families by working as interpreters for UNPROFOR or other international organisations such as the UN refugee agency, UNHCR.

But while working as an interpreter, he had to witness some traumatic incidents, such as an artillery attack on the village of Konjevic Polje.

Turkey welcomes UN move to extend cross-border Syria aid

Ankara on July 9 welcomed the U.N. Security Council's decision to extend the delivery of humanitarian aid from Turkey to northwestern Syria for the next 12 months.

Earlier, the U.N. Security Council voted to extend the authorization of the cross-border mechanism to aid Syrian people.

The council mandate for the operation was due to expire on Saturday.

Children soldiers - "time bomb": They brainwash them, then send them to the front

None of the conflicting parties shy away from that practice, but a far larger number of children are still being recruited by Houthi people, writes DW.
Samir was eventually killed. The 15-year-old paid with his life for the desire to fight on the side of the Houthis in the civil war that is being fought in Yemen.

Last humanitarian aid crossing into Syria must stay open: Op-ed

On July 10, the cross-border humanitarian aid operations from Turkey to northwest Syria will expire, and a new United Nations Security Council vote will take place, deciding on the critical lifeline for around 4 million people reliant on cross-border assistance to meet their basic needs.

UN Security Council: Refrain from violence

In last night's statement, the Council called on all political actors in Haiti to refrain from any acts of violence and incitement to violence, and also requested that the perpetrators be brought to justice, Reuters reports.
It was also announced that the Security Council will discuss the assassination of the President of Haiti at a closed-door meeting today.