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They got a direct warning: The world is on the verge of total collapse

"There are many indications that the West does not want to accept reality, they want to escalate the situation, they want to send more and more weapons. Now the decision has been made to send tanks, which, of course, will not change the situation on the battlefield. Then, some talk about the possibility of delivering planes to Kyiv.

Ukraine nuclear plant outages an 'unacceptable risk': France

France on Thursday warned of the "unacceptable risk for nuclear safety and security" from power cuts at a major Ukrainian power plant, after a Russian missile strike left it running on diesel generators.

"France has taken note and is concerned over information of a new disconnection (from the grid) at the Zaporizhzhia plant," foreign ministry spokeswoman Anne-Claire Legendre said.

UN: London's plan to Stop Illegal Migrants violates International Law

The UK government's proposed asylum law is "very worrying", the UN refugee agency has warned.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees representative in the United Kingdom, Vicky Tennant, commented to the BBC that the measure would violate international law and was not necessary to stop Channel crossings.