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Democracy Digest: Slovakia’s Infectious ‘Infodemic’

In a country where polls show more than half of people believe conspiracy theories and two-thirds do not trust state institutions, hoaxes and fake news have an infectious power.

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The US Army has Stopped Preparing for DEFENDER-Europe 20 because of the COVID-19

The US Army has announced that it is stopping the transfer of military personnel and equipment to Europe for the planned military training because of the epidemic from the new coronavirus, BTA reported.

The size of the DEFENDER-Europe 20 exercise has already been reduced, and the US Armed Forces announced this additional measure yesterday.

Two US commanders hold meetings in Akçakale border town for Syria safe zone

USEUCOM's U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Stephen Twitty and USCENTCOM's U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas Bergeson on Sept. 11 visited the Turkey-U.S. joint operations center in the Akçakale district of the southeastern Şanlıurfa province established for the coordination of activities in the safe zone in northern Syria.

U.S. Army Soldiers Conduct EIB Testing in Bulgaria

U.S. Army Soldiers performed testing for the Knowledgeable Infantryman Badge (EIB) at Novo Selo Coaching Space, Bulgaria, reports Nosy Media. 

Soldiers with 1st Armored Brigade Fight Staff, 1st Infantry Division, performed testing for the EIB, a coveted award and an image of custom for U.S. Soldiers who settle for the troublesome and generally thankless job of squaddies.