University of Vienna

‘Red Line’ Warnings in Romania after Nationalists Downplay Holocaust

"Anti-Semitic discourses have not disappeared from Romanian political life in the last 30 years," said Oliver Jens Schmitt, professor of Southeast European history at the University of Vienna.

"AUR is trying to address as large a group of protesting voters as possible," he said, and politics is getting in the way of any substantive response.

Kosovo Museum to Preserve Childhood Memories of Wartime

It was a skill that proved vital when it turned out that he was the only one among those who were fleeing the shelling who could actually drive it.

"In this war scenario, there was no other choice. None of the adults could drive the tractor so I jumped in and drove it through many villages in mountainous areas," Hajdini told BIRN.

The Website of the Bulgarian Presidency is Translated Automatically into 24 Languages

An automatic translator from and into Bulgarian in 24 languages ​​is now available on the Bulgarian Presidency website. The new tool can translate texts, documents and entire websites. The new software was presented by Minister Lilyana Pavlova and Professor Svetla Koeva, Director of the Bulgarian Language Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.