U.S. Congress

Hollow oaths

A day after US President Donald Trump visited the Texas border wall with Mexico as a distraction from events in Washington, DC, the FBI had rounded up more than 200 rioters, with more being captured every hour. As new information emerges, the gravity of the clear and present danger President Trump poses while he remains in office becomes more evident.

"A tense conversation recorded: Trump: It's Antifa; "No, it was MAGA, I was there"

Namely, the outgoing US President Donald Trump, in a private conversation with the leader of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, accused the left-oriented Antifa movement of breaking into the US Congress building.

Kathimerini interview: Greek American members of Congress on raid on the US Capitol

Three members of the US Congress of Greek descent, who were at the US Capitol in one of the historic building's darkest moments, Democrats John Sarbanes and Dina Titus., and Republican Nicole Malliotakis, talk to Kathimerini about their ordeal, the political implications, and the day after.

Union chief tells Kathimerini never thought Capitol breach could occur

Speaking to Kathimerini after the halls of US Congress in Washington were stormed last Wednesday by a mob in the wake of a rally by US President Donald Trump, the US Capitol Police Officers' Union chairman, Gus Papathanasiou, said he "never thought the Capitol would be breached."

Incidents in US ‘disgrace’ to history of democracy: Turkish president

A mob of supporters of outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump swarming the U.S.Congress is a "disgrace to the history of democracy," President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Jan.8.

"This process in the U.S, which was described as the cradle of democracy, really shocked all of humanity," Erdoğan told reporters, noting that the case the U.S. is faced with has not happened in its history.