U.S. Congress

The US Federal Communications Commission Repealed the Principle of Net Neutrality

In November 2014, Barack Obama expressed his support for transparency of Internet access and respect for network neutrality. February 2015 this principle was laid down in FCC legislation. It obliges internet providers to treat each Internet traffic equally.

Beijing Made Serious Warning Against a US Military Presence in Taiwan

On the day that a US warship enters the Taiwanese port of Gaoyuan, the Chinese People's Liberation Army will unite China. The words are written by Lee Kexin, the US Ambassador to the United States, who spoke at a meeting on American-Chinese relations to invited Chinese and Taiwanese students and journalists.

Google will Protect Journalists, Businessmen and Politicians from Fake News

The technology company Google has taken measures to protect journalists, businessmen and politicians from disinformation on the Internet and next year will publish a report on who has posted political advertising on its platforms.

This was announced on Thursday by US Congress Kent Walker, Senior Vice President and Corporate Lawyer, meadiapool reported.

Putin visits Iran to discuss oil, Middle East, Syrian reconstruction with Rouhani


Russian President Vladimir Putin was en route to Tehran for meetings with President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday. According to the Kremlin, “Syria-related issues will be on the agenda” for the bilateral talks.

Google, Facebook and Twitter will Testified on Russian Intervention in US Elections

Representatives of the technological giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google have appeared before the US Congress to testify to the distribution of untrue or misleading information paid by Russia on their platforms during the US presidential election last year, DPA and Associated Press reported.

Protester Throws Russian Flags at Trump (Video)

Demonstrators threw Russian flags at American President Donald Trump, reports CNN. 

This happened in a corridor of the US Congress building, while the head of state was going to a scheduled meeting with Senators from the Republican Party.

The demonstrator threw flags of the Russian Federation with the words:

"Trump is a traitor!"