U.S. Congress

Chinese Smartphones are Now Considered a Threat to National Security in the United States

FBI, CIA, and US National Security Agency officials have advised Americans not to use the Huawei and ZTE smartphones because they believe they are a security threat.

According to CNN, the heads of the three agencies have expressed their views during the hearings before the Senate Special Intelligence Committee and the House of Representatives of the US Congress.

US intel report presented to Congress says YPG is ‘PKK’s Syrian militia,’ searching for autonomy

An official report prepared by U.S. National Security Director Daniel Coats and presented to the U.S. Congress on Feb. 13 defined the People’s Protection Units (YPG) as the Syrian wing of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), acknowledging that it is searching for autonomy.

The US Federal Communications Commission Repealed the Principle of Net Neutrality

In November 2014, Barack Obama expressed his support for transparency of Internet access and respect for network neutrality. February 2015 this principle was laid down in FCC legislation. It obliges internet providers to treat each Internet traffic equally.