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Eighty-three kilos of heroin seized in Attica drug bust

Attica Security's Anti-Drugs Squad unraveled an international drug trafficking ring, arresting two men and seizing 83 kilos of heroin during a raid in central Athens, according to state-run news agency ANA-MPA.
The gang imported drugs from Turkey and then sold them in Greece or redirected them in other EU countries.

Millions of Captagon pills seized in Piraeus

Greek authorities seized a huge number Captagon pills from a freighter at Piraeus port on Wednesday, which may prove to be the largest haul ever achieved in the country.
The drugs were stashed inside 60 pallets loaded with lumber products found in three containers. Officials have so far counted 1.4 million pills in just one of the pallets. Counting is expected to take a few days.

Albania's Cocaine Haul Draws Both Praise and Accusations

It was a fine day for Albanian's embattled police - whose image was badly tarnished reports of close connections between senior police officers and drug-lords last year.

An investigation that lasted about two weeks ended on Wednesday with police seizing a record quantity of Colombian cocaine.