US Embassy

US Ambassador Pyatt operated on hip; did not break legs

US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt has been successfully operated on his hip following a bicycle accident, the US Embassy has announced.

Pyatt was injured during a trip to Mani, southern Greece, and initial reports had indicated he had suffered fractures in both legs.

These reports were not accurate, said US press attache Eshel William Murad.


Filip’s ‘Govt’ in Moldova Moves Israel Embassy to Jerusalem

As two governments claim to be running Moldova, the one headed by the former ruling Democratic Party on Tuesday declared it would transfer the embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Moldovan Foreign Ministry negotiated this move last year but took no further steps on the matter under the pretext of "assessing the issue".

Police thwarted as anarchists target US envoy’s home

A special plan that the Greek Police (ELAS) said it has for guarding the US Embassy and the adjacent residence of Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt did not stop members of the anarchist group Rouvikonas from vandalizing his home.
The attack, which occurred at around 4 a.m., involved 10 people wearing crash helmets, who lobbed bottles of paint at the walls of the ambassador's residence.

BSMEPA will Support the Activation of Bulgarian-American Business Relations

Dr. Boyko Takov, Executive Director of BSMEPA, held a working meeting with representatives of the trade section of the US Embassy in Bulgaria

An invitation was addressed to BSMEPA to organize Bulgarian companies for participation in the Select USA Summit 2019, which is going to be held in Washington, DC from 10 to 12 June 2019.