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Trump Has Signed a Trade Pact with Canada and Mexico

He promises a "glorious future" for the US industry.

President Donald Trump has signed a new North American trade pact with Canada and Mexico, promising a "glorious future" for US industry.

The treaty, drafted during the years of negotiations between the three countries, replaces the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA.

Bosnian Serb Chief Sends Fan Letter to Trump

Bosnian Serb supremo Milorad Dodik has sent a support letter to Donald Trump saying that those who are attacking him and dismissing him are undermining the patriotic values that the US President is fighting for.

"They threaten [these values] both in America and around the world because many smaller countries are oriented toward the US," Dodik wrote.

Turkey: We Are the Last Wall between Europe and Terrorism

Turkey is the last wall between Europe and terrorism. This is stated in the position of the Turkish Ministry of Defense.

"Turkey is protecting not only its own borders, but also the borders of NATO. Turkey's security is the security of all of Europe, including NATO," the ministry said in a statement.

Protesters Rally in New York for Balkan War Rape Victims

Several dozen people joined the protest entitled 'Rally for Her Justice', organised by the Albanian American Woman's Organisation with backing from US Bosnian and Croat groups, on Tuesday near the Serbian consulate in New York.

The organisers said they were calling on the Serbian authorities "to punish and prosecute the war criminals that may still be living in their country".

US Ambassador summoned over House's resolution on sanctions, events of 1915

The U.S. Ambassador to Ankara David Satterfield has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry for a resolution passed by the US House of Representatives on the events of 1915, said diplomatic sources, who stressed it "lacks any historical and legal basis," and for the implementation of sanctions in connection with "Operation Peace Spring."