US Justice Department

Russian oligarch Malofeev: New sanctions from the USA with reference to activities in Greece

The new round of US sanctions on the war in Ukraine is targeting a major Russian commercial bank and a "global network" of more than 40 individuals and entities.

According to the announcement of the US Treasury Department, the specific network was under the leadership of the Russian oligarch, Konstantin Malofeev, whose activities had extended to Greece.

Montenegro Arrests US Fugitives Convicted in 18 Million Dollar Fraud

Montenegrin police officer on patrol in the capital Podgorica. Photo. BIRN/Samir Kajosevic

The US Justice Department said that Richard Ayvazyan, his wife, Marietta Terabelian, and his sister-in-law, Tamara Dadyan, were in detention in Montenegro. The Montenegrin Interior Ministry didn't respond to BIRN's request for arrest details by time of publication.

Emails to US Democracy Group Raise Questions about Serbian Lobbying

Freedom House is not the only watchdog to draw attention to democratic backsliding in Serbia since the Progressive Party of President Aleksandar Vucic took power in 2012.

But the official downgrade and the accusation that the Progressives have "systematically curtailed" the ability of the opposition to play a part in the business of governing struck a nerve.

US Capitol police Warn of Possible Plot to Breach Congress

Security has been tightened at the US Capitol in Washington in response to "a possible plot to breach" the building.

The move was prompted by intelligence that a militia group planned the attack for 4 March - the day conspiracy theorist group QAnon believes Donald Trump will return for a second term.

A Russian and Three Bulgaria Citizens Indicted in US

One Russian and three Bulgarian citizens face criminal charges in the United States for illegal export of strategic technologies to Russia, the US Justice Department reported. The names of the Bulgarians are Dimitar Dimitrov, Milan Dimitrov and Mariana Gargova, and the Russian is Ilias Sabirov, TASS reported.