US State Department

Ramiz Merko: North Macedonia’s Mayor on US Corruption Black List

"While serving as Struga's mayor, Ramiz Merko misappropriated funds and interfered with judicial and other public processes, damaging the public's faith in North Macedonia's democratic institutions and officials," the US State Department explained shortly in a press release on Tuesday.

US State Department affirms Greece as indispensable NATO ally, no update on F-35 sale

The US State Department has affirmed its recognition of Greece as "an indispensable NATO ally and partner," but has not provided an update on the sale of the latest generation F-35 fighter planes produced by US defense giant Lockheed Martin.

Albania PM Denies Using Govt Funds to Blackmail Voters

Albania's Socialist Prime Minister, Edi Rama, has rejected opposition claims of blackmailing voters over access to government funds.

On Wednesday he said his threats to block funds to municipalities run by opposition mayors were a consequence of opposition leader Sali Berisha's designation by the US State Department as "being involved in significant corruption".

Serbia to Host Western ‘Platinum Wolf’ Military Exercise Again – Research Centre

The Serbian Army will join the "Platinum Wolf" military exercise with members of the US Army and Western partners this year, which will end the moratorium on participation in bilateral and multilateral exercises with all foreign partners introduced after the start of the war in Ukraine, Demostat, a Serbian research centre, has reported.