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Soros, NED, USAID Ruining Myanmar's Stability?

"Soros' foundation along with the US State Department, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), USAID and many others have for decades and will continue indefinitely undermining stability in Myanmar and across Southeast Asia to hinder China's rise and delay America's decline in the region for as long as possible," Anthony Cartalucci, a Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and author, says.<

N17 hitman expected back in prison on Saturday

Despite the outcry over the release from prison on Thursday of November 17 terror group hitman Dimitris Koufodinas on a two-day furlough, the government appeared defiant on Friday, while critics at home and abroad expressed concern that he may break the terms of his release, as other terrorists have done in the past, and not return to prison as scheduled on Saturday. 

Trump and Putin will not have a Formal Meeting in Vietnam

US President Donald Trump will not meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Vietnam during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. Bloomberg reported, quoting US State Department spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

The reason for cancellation of the meeting is the busy schedule of the head of the White House, says Sanders.

"Not an ultimatum": EU sources comment on US diplomat's statements

Recent statements made by US State Department official Brian Hoyt Yee represent "his views, that have not been harmonized with the EU."

This is what EU sources in Brussels told Beta on Tuesday.

Yee was in Belgrade in late October when he said that that Serbia will not progress on its path toward the EU unless it gives up its ties with Russia.