US State Department

Serwer: Vucic would make enormous mistake not to opt for EU

A US State Department official's statement about Serbia not being able to sit "on two chairs" has provoked many reactions.

Daniel Serwer, the director of the Conflict Management Program at the Johns Hopkins School of International Studies and former diplomat says he agrees with Hoyt Brian Yee's claim, although he is more interested in the other question.

Dacic: Hoyt Yee's comments are "nonsense"

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has rejected the assessment of US diplomat Brian Hoyt Yee that Serbia was "sitting on two chairs."

Serbia is interested only in its own interests, Dacic said on Thursday.

Dacic told reporters in Belgrade that Serbia will continue to work in accordance with its state and national interests, "regardless of what they are saying, from the sidelines."

"Vucic responded to Hoyt Yee in very direct way"

Aleksandar Vucic will in the coming days communicate the answers he gave to US State Department official Hoyt Brian Yee's objections, made during their meeting.

This was announced in a statement on Tuesday evening.

The conversation between the Serbian president and the US diplomat, held in the early afternoon the same day, was "very open," the statement said.