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Ramush Haradinaj's brother to be indicted by special court - report

The first indictment of the specialist court for the crimes committed by the former KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army") will be that raised against Daut Haradinaj.

This is what Sputnik is reporting, noting that he is the brother of Ramush Haradinaj, who is currently a candidate for Kosovo prime minister.

US to cut 755 US diplomatic staff in Russia, says Putin

President Vladimir Putin has said the United States would have to cut 755 diplomatic staff in Russia and warned of a prolonged gridlock in its ties after the U.S. Congress backed new sanctions against the Kremlin.

Putin added bluntly that Russia was able to raise the stakes with America even further, although he hoped this would be unnecessary.

Venezuela‘s Maduro claims victory in vote to grant socialist party unlimited powers

Venezuela’s National Electoral Council has said more than eight million people voted to grant President Nicolas Maduro’s ruling socialist party virtually unlimited powers with a constitutional assembly – a turnout more than double the estimates of both the government’s political opponents and independent experts.

"Threat of violent Islamist extremism growing in Kosovo"

The threat of violent Islamist extremism has been growing in Kosovo, the US State Department said in its latest annual report on global terrorism.

This development in Kosovo is assisted in part by funding from foreign organizations that preach extremist ideologies and violent extremist groups actively using social media to spread propaganda and recruit followers, the report said.

US Report: Balkans Need Resources to Fight Terror

Faced with a global surge in terrorism that has included radical Islamist elements in the Balkans, most countries in the Balkan region have visibly improved counter-terrorism policies, but some still have difficulties with lack of capacities, experience, and resources, a US State Department report said.

Important Talks on Energy Matters were Held in Sofia

Mary Warlick, acting as Special Envoy and US State Department Coordinator for International Energy Issues discussed in Sofia with Vice-premiers Tomislav Donchev and Ekaterina Zaharieva Bulgaria's efforts for the building of infrastructure connecting this country's gas transfer grid to those of neighboring states, reported BNR.

Albanian ex-dictator’s grandson jailed for smuggling cocaine


An Albanian court has sentenced the grandson of former communist dictator Enver Hoxha to ten years in jail for smuggling cocaine, a statement said on Wednesday.

Ermal Hoxha is part of a nine-member group, which includes two Columbians, whose were served prison terms from 10 to 13 years on Tuesday, a Tirana court said.