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The US has postponed the Delivery of F-16 to Bulgaria by 2 years Fearing a Leak to Russia

The United States has postponed the delivery of the 8 F-16 planes, which have already been paid for by Bulgaria, by two years, as it fears leaks of secret data about the planes to Russia. This is what "Euroactiv" reports, referring to the opinion of two former Bulgarian defense ministers.

US Citizens Urged to Leave Moldova Breakaway Region Immediately

The US State Department issued a warning on Monday evening for US citizens to leave or not to travel to the Moldovan breakaway region of Transnistria.

The State Department cited "unusual Russian troop movements around [neighbouring] Ukraine and the unresolved conflict between this breakaway region and the central government".

American Delegation Starts its Visit to Sofia, Bucharest and Brussels Today

A US interagency delegation led by Derek Chollet, a special adviser to the US State Department, is expected to visit Sofia, Bucharest and Brussels from today until February 11th. It will discuss a number of issues and consult with NATO allies and EU partners on Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

Blinken's Special Envoy is coming to Bulgaria to discuss Security

The Euro has Weakened against the Dollar, Bitcoin at its Lowest Level in Six Months

The US dollar strengthened slightly against major currencies today as the Euro fell in Asian trade as stock markets were nervous of tensions in Ukraine and a possible more aggressive rise in the Federal Reserve's (Fed) reference rate this week.

EU has No Plans to Withdraw from Ukraine and Expects the US to explain Why they did

At the moment, the European Union does not plan to withdraw the families of its diplomats from Ukraine, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Joseph Borrell was quoted as saying by Reuters.

US State Department has Ordered the Families of all Employees of US Embassy in Kiev to leave Ukraine