Macedonia Opposition MPs to Return for No-Confidence Vote

Macedonia's main opposition right-wing VMRO DPMNE party is to end its boycott of parliament next Tuesday for a vote of no-confidence in the Social Democrat-led government of Zoran Zaev.

The motion is unlikely to pass as the opposition lacks the minimum of 61 MPs needed in the 120-seat parliament to bring down the government.

Macedonia Sacks VMRO DPMNE Lobbyist as US Consul

Macedonia's government on Tuesday stripped Jason Miko, a public champion of the former ruling VMRO DPMNE party, of his title as honorary Macedonian consul in the US state of Arizona.

Until it closed in mid-2017, Miko was a regular columnist for one of the most prominent Macedonian dailies, Dnevnik, in which he defended the policies of the then ruling party.

Divisive Revolutionary's Statue Vanishes from Macedonian Capital

Mayor of Skopje Petre Silegov has defended a decision to remove a contentious statue from the entrance to the Supreme Court - saying its erection in 2014 had been illegal and had become synonymous with the failed ideology of the country's former authoritarian government.

Instead, he said the city will plant a tree, symbolizing human rights.