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The Pentagon is preparing the US Space Force for a possible Conflict with Russia and China in Space

The US Department of Defense has begun preparing the US Space Force (USSF) for a possible future conflict with Russia and China in space, the Wall Street Journal reported. The decision comes amid Russia and China deploying lasers and missiles that could disable satellites and disrupt civilian communications.

Biden urged Netanyahu to abandon the Judicial Reform

US President Joe Biden last night called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to abandon his plan to reform the judicial system, which has led to mass protests in Israel, Reuters reported.

On Monday, Netanyahu postponed the reform after large numbers of people took to the streets. The White House initially said Netanyahu should seek a compromise on the issue.

US should find a formula for F-16 sale to Türkiye: Kalın

The United Stated administration should generate a formula to overcome the congressional blockage in front of the sale of F-16 warplanes to Türkiye, a senior Turkish official said, rejecting any attempt to introduce conditionality, including the Swedish accession to NATO, to this procurement.

Alternative facts on TV

The term "alternative facts" was coined by Kellyanne Conway, a senior White House aide in Donald Trump's administration, when she tried to justify a lie by then press secretary Sean Spicer, who claimed that the crowd assembled in Washington, DC for Trump's inauguration in 2017 "was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration" in person in the world (January 22, 2017).

White House: Now that's NOT enough

White House spokesman John Kirby said that the US does not currently want to see a ceasefire in Ukraine because it would mean that Russia would keep the conquered territories.
The White House national security adviser said on Monday that if China wants to play a constructive role in Ukraine, its President Xi Jinping should urge Russia to end its invasion of Ukraine.

New York holds breath over expected Trump indictment

With barricades set up near Trump Tower and police on high alert, New York was holding its breath Wednesday for the likely indictment of Donald Trump, but the timing remained uncertain.

The ex-president himself claimed he would be arrested on Tuesday over hush money paid to a pornographic actress, but the day came and went and there were no signs of an indictment or arrest.