White House

Trump announces major US troop cut in 'delinquent' Germany

President Donald Trump said on June 15 he is ordering a major reduction in U.S. troop strength in Germany, a move widely criticized by members of his own party as a gift to Russia and a threat to U.S. national security.

"We're putting the number down to 25,000 soldiers,'' Trump said at the White House.

Grenell: Meeting of Belgrade - Pristina representatives on June 27 at the White House

Allegedly, he received assurances from the governments in Belgrade and Pristina that they would temporarily stop the derecognition campaign, i.e. requests for membership in international organizations, in order to meet on June 27 at the White House.

Montgomery: Only one person in the region is strong enough to reach Kosovo solution

According to him, he believes that it is questionable whether international forces and internal Kosovo-Albanian divisions will enable that.
He points out that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, is the only person in the region who has the strength and desire to reach a good solution to this problem.

Erdogan’s attacks on freedom and his George Floyd commentary

The death of George Floyd has ignited protests across America and the world, reverberating as far as the gates of the US Embassy in Athens. Though some ruffians ransack American cities under the cover of protest, polls show that up to 54% of Americans support the call for justice.

Vast Wildfires in Siberia - Trump Offers his Help to Putin

Donald Trump offered to help his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to put out vast wildfires raging across Siberia, the Kremlin has revealed.

The US and Russian presidents spoke by phone at Washington's initiative in a move Mr Putin took as a sign that damaged ties can be restored, the Kremlin said.