World Bank

World Bank Raised Economic Growth Projections for Bulgaria

In a report, published last night, the World Bank raises the 2018 economic growth forecast of Bulgaria from 3 to 3.6 percent, BNR reported.

For this and for next year, the World Bank is also raising its forecast - a 3 percent growth rate for 2020, and 3.1 percent for 2021. In June last year its growth forecast was 2.8 percent for both years. 

PM Orban: We have highest VAT evasion, lowest VAT collection rate in EU

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Wednesday that Romania has the highest VAT evasion and the lowest VAT collection rate in the European Union, but the level of 19pct is a reasonable one. "We are the country with the highest VAT evasion. We have the lowest VAT collection rate in the EU.

World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 Ranking: Bulgaria Drops 2 Positions Down

Bulgaria dropped down from the 59th to the 61st position in the Doing Business 2020 annual ranking of the World Bank. The report of the financial institution assesses the reforms in the national economies in terms of business environment, poverty levels, regulatory efficiency, promotion of entrepreneurship, startups, innovations, access to credits and investments, BNR reported.