World Bank

Verheijen: Budget support loan only after deal with IMF

BELGRADE - World Bank (WB) Country Manager for Serbia Tony Verheijen has said that it is currently the WB's priority to secure a USD 300 million loan for Serbia's flood recovery, and noted that a budget support loan cannot be granted without the Serbian government's agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Contract on Kozloduy NPP Unit 7 May Harm Arbitration over Belene NPP

An energy expert has said that the agreement with US Westinghouse on Kozloduy NPP's unit7 erodes Bulgaria's position in the arbitration case with Atomstroyexport over Belene NPP.

Westinghouse Electric announced on Friday that it had completed a shareholder agreement for an AP1000 unit at the Kozloduy NPP.

WB expert: Public company directors need to be dismissed

BELGRADE - The directors of public companies need to be dismissed and the management should be entrusted to professionals who will make the companies profitable, said the World Bank chief economist for Serbia Lazar Sestovic.

Serbia's public companies continue to generate losses and request aid from the budget, Sestovic told the Radio and Television of Serbia.

Turkish families borrowing at a level more than half of their assets

There is a culture of household borrowing that was of unseen and unheard dimensions before 2003. Banks give a third of their credit to individuals Turkey, with its state, corporations and individuals, has rapidly learned how to borrow in recent years - something it had previously been avoiding as a culture.

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In Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel “Chronicle of a Death Foretold,” the reader knows as he or she starts reading the novel, that the character Santiago Nasar is going to be murdered because Marquez begins his novel at the end and then he goes to the beginning, and the story unfolds.

Number of overweight, smokers and drinkers went up in Serbia

BELGRADE - The preliminary results of a survey focusing on the health of the Serbian population have shown that 22.1 percent of adults and 13.7 percent of children are overweight, 34.7 percent of the population smoke on a daily basis and 54 percent consume alcohol occasionally or constantly.