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Economic Summit: Budget review, consumer debt, EU membership

Economic Summit: Budget review, consumer debt, EU membership

BELGRADE -- Serbian Finance Minister Lazar Krstić said on Tuesday that he believes a revision of the country's budget will be adopted in August or in mid-September.

This will take place "after the flood damage estimates and assessment of their effect on the state budget are completed."

Geoana: Romania gov't arguably benefits from one of best private consultant teams

Romania at present arguably benefits from one of the best private consultant teams, whom any government in the world might wish, the High Representative of the Romanian Government for Strategic Economic Projects and Public Diplomacy, Mircea Geoana told an international conference unveiling the Model Highway Initiative - MHI on Monday.

Youth without a future

By Nikos Xydakis

I was recently having a discussion with a group of executives who work at the European Investment Bank (EIB), one of the world’s biggest public lending institutions – bigger even than the World Bank. One of the people I was talking with was working on development programs designed to help countries in Africa and the Pacific.

Parliament Passes Amendments to Competition Protection Act

Bulgaria's Parliament passed at second reading amendments to the Competition Protection Act regarding the large retail chains, reports

The amendments will regulate the business relations between the large retail chains and the suppliers and will impose a number of restrictions on the chains.