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"We issued warnings, WHO estimates on the number of dead in Serbia are correct" VIDEO

Before that, a reduction in the number of newly infected cannot be expected, he explained, because it is necessary for at least ten to twelve days to pass from their introduction to the first results.
"It is possible that we will celebrated New Year with a calmer situation," he said.

Iohannis: Coronavirus testing capacity unchanged at 50,000 a day because it hit the limit

President Klaus Iohannis said today that the coronavirus testing capacity remained unchanged this month at around 50,000 tests a day, because the upper limit has been reached, and that the limitation is doubled by the lack of equipment and specialized personnel.

WHO: All-Time High Number of Coronavirus Cases Registered in Past Week

Over 4 million people contracted the novel coronavirus infection worldwide in the past seven days, which is the highest-ever weekly growth in cases since the start of the pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday.

The number of fatalities increased by more than 67,000 all over the world, the global organization said.

“Home Alone” More Relevant Than Ever: WHO Recommends Online Christmas Celebrations



"Home Alone", one of the blockbusters of all time which all TVs show ad nauseam for Christmas will probably become prophetic this year. At least if we decide to stick to the recommendations of WHO and opt for seeing in Christmas at a virtual home party.

WHO chief sees 'light at the end of long, dark tunnel'

With current vaccine developments, the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel is growing brighter, the World Health Organization (WHO) chief said on Nov. 23.

WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus gave an upbeat assessment on vaccine development after recent data showed that more COVID-19 cases had been reported in a recent 4 weeks than in first 6 months of the pandemic.

Biden signals US diplomatic shift with new team

President-elect Joe Biden on Nov. 23 announced a foreign policy and national security team crammed with veterans from the Barack Obama years, signaling an end to the upheaval under President Donald Trump and a return to traditional U.S. diplomacy.    

Top of the list was former State Department number two Antony Blinken, tapped for secretary of state.