World Health Organization

Europe could save 238,000 lives a year by meeting WHO air pollution guidelines

Approximately 238,000 air pollution deaths could be avoided each year if the EU27 countries actually met World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for air pollution, according to figures from the European Environment Agency (EEA).

And more than 400,000 deaths could be avoided if particle air pollution could be avoided completely.

Israel Threatens Military Action in Rafah if Hostages Not Freed

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz has issued a warning, stating that if Hamas does not release hostages by March 10, Israel will initiate an offensive against the city of Rafah. This marks the first time Israel has specified a deadline for potential military action in the southern Gaza Strip.

Bangkok says work from home as pollution blankets city

Bangkok city employees have been told to work from home to avoid harmful air pollution, as a layer of noxious haze blanketed the Thai capital on Thursday.

City authorities asked for cooperation from employers to help workers in the city of about 11 million people avoid the pollution, which is expected to last into Friday.

Greece to take action against measles threat with targeted vaccinations

The National Organization for Public Health (EODY) in Greece is preparing a plan to prevent a potential measles epidemic through targeted vaccinations.

While Greece hasn't reported measles cases recently, concerns arise due to a European surge in 2023 and a historical pattern every 5-6 years.

Hamas head due in Cairo for truce talks as Israeli strikes ravage Gaza

The leader of Hamas was expected in Cairo on Thursday for talks on a proposed truce in Gaza, as Israel kept up its offensive in the besieged Palestinian territory.

Hamas was reviewing a proposal for a six-week truce in its war with Israel, a source told AFP, after mediators gathered in Paris, with international efforts towards a new pause in the devastating war gathering pace.