World Health Organization

WHO says Europe’s coronavirus outbreak still ‘very concerning’ despite progress

The World Health Organization's regional director described the outbreak of coronavirus in Europe as "very concerning" on Wednesday and urged governments to give "very careful consideration" before relaxing measures to control its spread.

WHO warns against easing coronavirus measures 'too early'

WHO demanded that the countries should not let go of the imposed measures too early, a WHO Spokesman said on Tuesday, "Voice of America" reports.
"One of the most important parts is not to let go of the measures too early in order not to have a fall back again," WHO Spokesman Christian Lindmeier said in a virtual briefing on Tuesday.

Today is the World Health Day

World Health Day is the global observance of health as a human right. From healthcare professionals to policymakers and individuals, families with young children or elderly, we all have a role to play in our personal health and the wellbeing of those around us.

PM Orban: World Health Day - symbol of doctors' superhuman efforts to save lives

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stresses that this year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, World Health Day is becoming a symbol of the nearly superhuman efforts that physicians and medical personnel in the countries affected are making to save lives and to stop the spread of this virus.

Nearly 80,000 COVID-19 Infected for 42 Hours Worldwide

Coronavirus-infected boom globally reported by the World Health Organization last day. The number of coronavirus-infected people worldwide has increased by more than 79,000. The highest number of infected and deceased have been registered in the whole region of Europe - 583,114 and 42,334 respectively. For the last 24 hours the number of infected has increased by 41 333 and the deaths by 5231.

Good News: Over 200,000 People Worldwide have Recovered from COVID-19

The number of people who recovered from the coronavirus has exceeded 200,000 worldwide. According to the Worldometer website, the exact number of people who managed to fight the dangerous virus is 200 317 people.

Most of the cured are in China - 76 408 people. Spain is followed by 26 743, Germany - 19 175, Italy - 16 847, Iran - 15 473, France - 10 935 and the United States - 8 878.