World Health Organization

WHO warns: The Pandemic is Not Over, Record Numbers of New Infections in Europe

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adanom Gebrejesus, has warned world leaders that the coronavirus pandemic is "far from over", the BBC reported.

The head of the WHO opposes the assumption that the new dominant variant Omicron is significantly softer/milder and has eliminated the threat of the virus.

WHO: Health Costs during the Pandemic have brought Half a Billion People to Extreme Poverty

More than half a billion people worldwide were brought to extreme poverty last year because they had to pay for health care themselves during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization and the World Bank said on Sunday.

The biggest hotspot of omicrons in Europe: "This is the beginning of the end" PHOTO

But instead of panicking, Norwegian epidemiologists point out that this is a potential indication of the end of the epidemic.
The infection broke out in the restaurant and night club "Louise" on November 26 - about 120 people who were there that night were infected with the coronavirus, of which about half were infected with omicron.