World Wide Fund for Nature

Warming of Mediterranean Sea makes basin ‘safe heaven’ for invaders: Report

The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is increasing 20 percent faster than other seas and oceans due to the effect of global warming, said an international environmental protection association, adding that alien species invaded the Mediterranean waters by entering through the Suez Canal.

Bid to Build at UNESCO-protected Pirin National Park in Bulgaria Ruled 'illegal'

Environmentalists are celebrating after winning a court case over plans to expand a ski resort in one of Bulgaria's national parks.

The scheme, approved by Bulgaria's government late last year, was ruled illegal by the country's special administrative court on Monday.

WWF says bill on forests a boon for land-grabbers

The Greek chapter of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has slammed the leftist-led government for tabling a bill which, it said, effectively "rewards illegal interventions in forests and forest areas."

In a letter sent to Greek MPs Monday, the environmental group also criticized the government for failing to put the legislation up for public consultation.