Encrypted Phone Crack No Silver Bullet against Balkan Crime Gangs

When a French and Dutch-led police operation cracked the code to Sky ECC in February 2021, investigators gained access to a treasure trove of real-time evidence against a host of international crime gangs. 

Thousands of people have been arrested around the world based on the Sky ECC takedown; in the Balkans, Saric is the biggest, but he is far from alone.

Acquittals Urged for Bosnian Fighters Accused of Killing Serbs

In closing statements at the Bosnian state court on Thursday, defence lawyers for Medaris Saric and Mirko Bunoza called for them to be found not guilty of participating in a joint criminal enterprise that aimed to detain and kill Serb civilians in villages in the Trnovo area, and of unlawfully detaining, killing and inhumanely treating captured Bosnian Serb Army soldiers from May 1992 to July 1

Darko Saric and his associates sentenced to 300 yrs in jail

Saric was handed down the maximum sentence and remains in custody.

Saric was convicted as the organizer of the group that smuggled 5.7 tons of cocaine from South America to Western Europe during 2008 and 2009. His associates and other members of the group have also been found guilty, with sentences ranging from one to 15 years.

Eight members of this gang remain at large.

Serbia Jails Saric For 20 Years For Drugs Smuggling

Besides Saric, the court in Belgrade jailed around 30 defendants, 14 of whom are still on the run.

 After being found guilty of smuggling more than five tons of cocaine from South America in 2008 and 2009, the gang members received jail sentences of five months to 20 years each.

This was a first-instance verdict and both the accused and the prosecution can appeal.