Adonis Georgiadis

Probe launched into suspected bank cartel, as fresh raid carried out

Competition Commission officials launched extensive inspections without prior warning at the headquarters of the country's four systemic banks as well as the Hellenic Bank Association (EET) and DIAS Interbank Systems on Thursday, in a bid to probe possible cartel practices regarding customer charges.

Golden Visa property purchases can now be paid for via cards abroad

An amendment to a bill for spurring investments that is currently being debated in Parliament seeks to include payments conducted from January 1, 2017 via credit or debit card in the Golden Visa program for granting residence permits to foreign nationals making real estate purchases worth at least 250,000 euros.

PM to discuss new fees with bankers on Thursday

The new charges banks have imposed on most of their services customers' transactions will be discussed in a meeting of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with the heads of the country's biggest banks on Thursday.

The new charges are an effort to offset the sector's losses from interest takings, which have been in constant decline over the last few years.

Cooperation with China an ‘example for Euro peers’

Having a stronger relationship with China is good for Greece, and their cooperation has set an example for European countries, according to Adonis Georgiadis, the Greek minister for development and investments.
Georgiadis said Chinese enterprises' investment in Piraeus port is a successful case of bilateral cooperation.

Race against time

The euphoria among Greek business circles after July's election is beginning to spread abroad, albeit slowly. However, it will take a systematic and coordinated effort to convince serious investors and funds to put their money on our country. Greece's bankruptcy and crisis are still very fresh in the minds of investors.