Albin Kurti

Kosovo Abolishes Customs Duties on Serbian Goods

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti announced that trade duties on Serbian goods will be abolished from March 15th. He announced this at a press conference, TASS reported.

"We will make a decision to abolish the tariff on raw materials imported from Serbia from March 15 as a sign of goodwill to resolve the political and economic dispute with Serbia," Kurti said.

Jamaica denied recognizing Kosovo

Kosovo's President Hashim Thaci wrote on Twitter on Thursday that Ambassador Vlora Citaku has notified him that Jamaica had recognized Kosovo's independence.
However, Jamaican MFA Johnson-Smith re-tweeted Thaci's claim of recognition by her country with a short comment, clearly saying that "to date, Jamaica has not recognized Kosovo as an independent state".

My regards to Mr. Carpenter

"We can discuss things that pertain to the economic progress, we have no problem with that, but we will not discuss the status until the fees are abolished. That is on hold, and we are waiting for the fees to be abolished", Vucic said when asked by Al Jazeera journalists in Munich, where he participates in the Munich Security Conference.

Week in Review: Ambitious Plans and Even Bigger Problems

Much Ado About Nothing

The EU's new enlargement methodology has been pitched as reinvigorating the accession process, breathing new life and dynamism into it. Yet in the Balkans, it has received a cool and muted response. Many local officials and observers are sceptical, seeing it as just a way to repackage the same old enlargement process in a slightly different way.