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Serbia, Bosnian Serb Entity, Salute Russia on Victory Day

Serbia and Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity, Repubika Srpska, on Monday celerbrated Victory Day, the day when Russia marks its victory over Nazi Germany in 1945 with huge parades in Moscow.

At a time when support for Russia is controversial in Europe, EU candidate Serbia sent messages of support to the EU as well as Russia.

Vučić talked with Macron: "Serbia is not in an easy position" PHOTO

"I have just finished talking with the President of France, whom I thanked for the fair role that France and he personally have in relation to Serbia and its citizens. The conversation was essential and very specific on all burning issues in the Western Balkans, in addition, through the prism of all events in Eastern Europe.

Funeral of Ksenija Vučić; President of Serbia said goodbye with an emotional message

Today, on his Instagram profile "avucic", Aleksandar Vui emotionally said goodbye to his first wife, who passed away suddenly two days ago.
"Thank you for bringing up our Milica to become a strong and unwavering girl today, that our Danilo is such a decent and brave guy, thank you for raising our children under the motto that the highest value is to be a good man," Vucic wrote.

Serbia’s Getting Weary of Plots to Kill its President

Death threats and planned assassinations of President Vucic are so common in the regime media that no one takes them seriously now.

Dozens of times the public saw headlines to which they have since become resistant: "They are killing Vucic", "They wanted to blow up Vucic", "They are preparing a sniper for Vucic", "Eight murderers were waiting for Vucic …

Serbian Ministry Sued over Ban on Erasing Ratko Mladic Mural

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights, a Belgrade-based NGO, filed a lawsuit on Monday against the Serbian Interior Ministry after it banned rights activists from organising a public gathering to paint over a mural of Bosnian Serb wartime general Ratko Mladic on the wall of a residential building in the capital.

National Security Council in session PHOTO

The Council is chaired by the President of the Republic, Aleksandar Vui.
The session is attended by Ministers Nebojsa Stefanovic, Aleksandar Vulin, as well as the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Army Milan Mojsilovic and the Director of the BIA Bratislav Gasic.

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