Aleksandar Vulin

Serbian Defense Minister: Beginning of Greater Albania's end must happen in Kosovo

Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin says the process of stopping "Greater Albania" (Albanian nationalist expansionist project) must begin in Kosovo and Metohija.

Speaking at a round table dedicated to Serbia's "internal dialogue on Kosovo," Vulin said that his country should not allow "Greater Albania" to be created on its borders, and let others draw those borders.

Vulin, Martinez meet in Belgrade

BELGRADE - Serbian and Paraguayan Defence Ministers Aleksandar Vulin and Diogenes Martinez met in Belgrade Monday to discuss the capacities of the Serbian defence industry and the current political and security situation in the world and in the region, the Serbian Ministry of Defence said.

Vulin: We have strongest air force in region

BELGRADE - The Serbian Armed Forces will continue to acquire new equipment, in particular in departments worst hit by the NATO aggression, says Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin, noting that the addition of six Russian MiG-29 jets had made the Serbian air force not only powerful, but probably one of the strongest in the region.