In Serbian Academia, a Flawed Fight against ‘Tradition’ of Sexual Harassment

Three professors attended. After one left, "seeing where the evening was heading," another grabbed her knee under the table, said Elena. The third, kissing and licking her hand, asked her for sex. In return, he said he would allow her fellow students to complete the course he had expelled them from because of their participation in the protests.

Pursuit of justice

The hearing of Miroslav Aleksić postponed; A banner was waiting for him PHOTO

Aleksic arrived at the Palace of Justice, however, his lawyer Zoran Jakovljevic tested positive for coronavirus, so today's preparatory hearing, scheduled for 12 o'clock, was postponed for October 28. The defense attorney informed the court that he tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and that he could not come, the High Court told Tanjug.

Victims Discouraged by ‘Lenient’ Sentences for Sex Crimes in Serbia

He was one of at least 608 people convicted of sex crimes in Serbia between 2016 and 2020.

But eight years is more than many convicted rapists are jailed for in the Balkan country, where, according to a BIRN investigation of data for the last five years, half were sentenced to five years or less, five years being the minimum sentence under the law since 2017.

Detention of Mika Aleksić extended - so that he would not be able to repeat the crime

The pre-trial judge extended his detention with a rationale that he would not be able to repeat the crime in a short period of time, as well as due to public disturbance and the punishment he's threatened for the crime he is charged with.
Aleksic and his lawyer can appeal this decision to the criminal out-of-court panel of the court, the High Court announced.

Aleksic questioned in the prosecution, he was reported by five girls

He was questioned due to the reports of five other girls who subsequently reported him for sexual abuse.
After the hearing, the prosecution extended the investigation against him to new crimes and new victims.
His lawyer, Zoran Jakovljevic, confirmed that Aleksic had been questioned, but did not want to give other details, noting that "there is nothing spectacular".