Alenka Bratusek

PM, speaker say voters are always right, party heads upbeat

Ljubljana – Parliamentary Speaker Igor Zorčič told the STA as he cast a ballot in Velike Malence near Brežice today that citizens always made the right decision in election. Prime Minister and Democrats (SDS) head Janez Janša, who voted in Šentilj near Velenje, expressed a similar view. Several other party heads were optimistic as well.

Five centre-left parties expect to win election

Ljubljana – The new Freedom Movement party and the four opposition parties associated in the informal KUL coalition are convinced they will win the general election on Sunday and form a stable government. Their leaders said that the five parties operated as a well-coordinated team as they addressed the press on Friday before the election blackout sets in.

Agriculture Minister Podgoršek resigns over hotel bill payment

Ljubljana – Agriculture Minister Jože Podgoršek resigned on Wednesday after he became the target of media scrutiny over lack of clarity regarding the payment of his weekend stay at an upscale hotel in Bohinj in January. He said he was “resigning exclusively due to the late payment of the bill”, and was accepting responsibility for this.

Parties welcoming of Ukrainian refugees

Ljubljana – All but one parliamentary party welcomed Slovenia’s offer to accept Ukrainian refugees, although there was some scepticism whether the country has the capacity or would even need to take in between 180,000 and 200,000 as suggested by Interior Minister Aleš Hojs. The opposition also raised unequal treatment of refugees depending on their origin.

Opposition welcomes energy aid package, but says comes too late

Ljubljana – The centre-left opposition is unanimous in saying the government measures to mitigate energy-price hikes are welcome but come several months too late and leave out several groups of population, as it has commented on a set of measures worth around EUR 200 million adopted on Saturday for households and companies.

SAB party adopts new programme

Ljubljana – The opposition Alenka Bratušek Party (SAB) adopted a new programme on Saturday. The 15-point platform revolves around the welfare state supported by a strong economy, democracy and respect for the rule of law.

“Everything we do, we do for the people and their future,” Party leader Alenka Bratušek said in her address to the delegates.

Epidemic-related movement restrictions declared unconstitutiona

Ljubljana – The Constitutional Court has declared parts of the communicable diseases act allowing the government to restrict movement and public assembly unconstitutional, and effectively annulled the government decrees that were based on this law. The National Assembly has two months to do away with the unconstitutional rules.

Protests in Ljubljana VIDEO / PHOTO

He left the coalition Party of the Democratic Center (SMC) due to disagreements with the government and founded his own independent parliamentary club. Like last month's vote, the ruling party lacked one vote to remove it.
45 deputies voted for the removal, one less than the majority, two ballots were invalid, while the opposition parties left the hall before the vote.