Alexander Lukashenko

Western powers call for probe into Belarus plane diversion

The United States and western European members of the U.N. Security Council called on May 26 for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to investigate Belarus' diversion of a European flight and arrest of a dissident on board.

Their call came hours after a defiant President Alexander Lukashenko on May 26 defended the action, lashing out at critics at home and abroad.

Belarus Lukashenko Lashes out at Western “Ill-Wishers”

The Belarusian leader said "ill-wishers" are "trying to strangle Belarus" in his first speech since a commercial flight was intercepted and a critical blogger arrested.

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko hit out at Western powers on Wednesday, saying that his country's "ill-wishers" are "trying to strangle Belarus."

Global outrage as Belarus diverts flight, arrests opposition activist

Belarus forced a passenger plane carrying a wanted opposition activist to divert and land in its capital, provoking a furious outcry from world leaders who described it as an "act of state terrorism" ahead of an EU summit on May 24 expected to toughen sanctions on Minsk.

Lukashenko Accused of Corruption with Video Report Called "Lukashenko: A gold mine"

Journalists from the Belarusian opposition news portal Nexta have accused long-time leader Alexander Lukashenko of large-scale corruption in a online video with millions of views.

Almost 2 million people had already watched the video of the investigation titled "Lukashenko: A gold mine," one day after it was posted to YouTube by a group of journalists exiled in Poland.

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Two in one. In a nutshell this is the characteristic of the period in which we live, according to the best political astrologers in the world. Ukrainian Konstantin Daragan and Russian with German passport Pavel Globa, who have proven themselves over the years with some of their most accurate predictions, have already published their forecasts for 2021.