Aljbin Kurti

Hovenier: The need for de-escalation, mayors not to work from municipal buildings

He said this after the meeting of the ambassadors of the Quinte countries with the Prime Minister of Pristina's temporary institutions, Aljbin Kurti, and added that the US recommendation is that mayors do not work from municipal buildings, but from other buildings.
Hovenier, however, did not say whether Kurti agreed with the recommendation, saying it was not his place to speak.

Protesters in Pristina want Jablanovic removed,law on Trepca

PRISTINA - Participants in a demonstration organized by Kosovo's opposition parties and civic organizations in Pristina Saturday urged Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa to have Aleksandar Jablanovic removed from his ministerial position and to ensure enactment of a law converting Trepca Mines into a public enterprise that would be controlled by Pristina.