Andreas Papandreou

Challenges in enforcing new labour law

By Yannis Marinos

It is conceivable that the new labour law shepherded through Parliament by Labour Minister Kostis Hatzidakis might have been approved by almost all opposition parties had it not included provisions that affect unprecedented privileges enjoyed until now by trade unionists, thanks to a well-known law passed under Pasok rule.

A chance to shine as Europe’s tourism professionals

Almost four decades have passed since Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou famously asked, "Are we to be the waiters of Europe?" The phrase echoed the mood and the social norms of the time. Greece was awash with cheap money from Europe, the country lost any industrial base that it had, and people got used to becoming rich without producing anything of value.

Church of Greece: The coal, the archbishop, the PM and the pandemic

By George Gilson

Back in the early 1980's when Archbishop Seraphim was at the height of his power and clashing openly (and successfully) with Andreas Papandreou over his bid for state expropriation of monastic lands and properties (attempted by his ill-fated minister Antonis Tritsis) ) Church-State relations were sorely tested.