Andreas Papandreou

Athens Metro: The map of the new extension to Ilion

Ten years after the delivery of the last major extension of Line 2 of the Athens metro, which today connects Anthoupolis with Ellinikon, a new esxtension is on the way. Attiko Metro yesterday turned the hourglass of the tender for the extension to Ilion with approximately 4 km of new line and three new stations.

Emblematic former finance minister Dimitris Tsovolas has passed away

Dimitris Tsovolas passed away at the age of 79, after a difficult battle with cancer.

Dimitris Tsovolas was hospitalized in the last few days at the Attica Hospital. He was intubated in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.

He was born in 1942 in Melissourgoi, Arta.

He had studied law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and was a distinguished lawyer.

Μovement for Change approves six candidacies in party leadership race, candidates feverishly regroup

By George Gilson

The centre-left Movement for Change Party (KINAL, formerly Pasok) today approved and certified six candidates for the party leadership race after examining the signatures submitted in support of each candidate.

The die is cast: Papandreou to run for centre-left KINAL leadership

By Dimitris Chondros

Former prime minister George Papandreou is poised to announce his candidacy for the leadership of the centre left Movement for Change party (KINAL).

Papandreou held talks with all the other candidates over the weekend and today, when he met with MEP Nikos Androulakis and Vasilis Kegeroglou, the secretary of KINAL's parliamentary group.

Challenges in enforcing new labour law

By Yannis Marinos

It is conceivable that the new labour law shepherded through Parliament by Labour Minister Kostis Hatzidakis might have been approved by almost all opposition parties had it not included provisions that affect unprecedented privileges enjoyed until now by trade unionists, thanks to a well-known law passed under Pasok rule.