Andreas Papandreou

Astir Palace: The end of an era

A ripple of excitement swept through the calm as Brigitte Bardot stepped onto the beach wearing a tiny bikini, high-heeled sandals and an enormous sun hat.

Statesman Constantine Karamanlis had a favorite cabana and in the evenings would order a whisky followed by a meal of one boiled egg, a plate of steamed zucchini and grilled fish.

Challenging times for the Church

Archbishop Ieronymos's reaction to the government's new program for religion studies in Greek schools - which he called "unacceptable and dangerous" - was expected and quite correct from the head of the Church of Greece, though perhaps late in coming, reactive rather than proactive and quite possibly ineffective.

Dimitra Liani’s book on everyone and everything: Papandreou family under fire!

Former air stewardess mistress and wife of the late Greek statesman Andreas Papandreou’s new book “Andreas’ rage” (I Orgi tou Andrea) comes in response to a book written by his wife Margaret Papandreou that was published amid a great deal of hooplah last month.

Dimitra Liani: I am the only Papandreou who did not take advantage of Andreas

“Andreas died and left the party to unworthy successors” Dimitra Liani writes in her book “Orgi tou Andrea!” (“The Rage of Andreas!”) published by Livani publications clarifying, as she said to, that this is a political book reflecting the rage of Andreas and his clear policy.

Margaret Papandreou’s “Love and Power” presented at Ianos bookstore (pics)

Former first lady Margaret Papandreou presented her autobiography,  “Love and Power” (Patakis Publications) at Ianos bookstore at 8 p.m. on Thursday.

The panel of speakers included:

* Former deputy secretary-general of the UN, Sotiris Moussouris

Margaret Papandreou reveals her secrets as Greece’s first lady in tell-all biography (pics + vid)

Former first lady Margaret Papandreou appears hellbent on revenge on the late Greek statesman Andreas Papapandreou, founder of the socialist PASOK party, in her tell-all autobiography titled “Love and Power” by Patakis Publications.