Andreea Marinescu

CFA Romania's 2021 projections: 5.8 pct economic growth, budget deficit at 6.2 pct of GDP

Financial analysts project a 5.8 percent growth rate for Romania's economy this year and a budget deficit of 6.2 percent of GDP, while the time horizon for Romania's joining the eurozone is 2030, Romania's chartered financial analysts association CFA Romania said in a release on Monday.

FSLI requests PM Citu to present Government draft of modernizing education system

The Federation of Free Education Unions (FSLI) is requesting the PM Florin Citu to explain to the public opinion what is the Government's draft of modernizing the education system, in the context in which the PM recently said that the Executive will no longer invest in education without the guarantee of achieving results, according to a press release sent by the union organization on Friday.

Minister Ghinea: 1.9 billion euro will enter country from PNRR this year

The Minister of European Investments and Projects, Cristian Ghinea, claims that 1.9 billion euro of the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PNRR) will enter the country this year, in October-November, and payments for projects "will start immediately." "PSD [Social Democrat Party] is babbling again about the PNRR. 1.9 billion euro will enter country from the PNRR this year.

Ministry of Environment: We hope to double, even triple fines for feeding bears by individuals

Fines for feeding bears by individuals could be doubled or even tripled from the current level, which is somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 RON, according to a the secretary of state of the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests (MMAP), Robert Szep. "We are working on a piece of legislation to limiting and drastically sanctioning the feeding of bears by unauthorized people near localities.

Coffee, tea and spice imports down by nearly 9 pct in Q1

The value of coffee, tea (including mate) and spice imports has dropped by nearly 9 pct in the first three months of 2021, compared to the similar period of 2020, down to 57.36 million euro, according to the commercial balance with food products, consulted by AGERPRES. Last year, in the first quarter, the value of imports of such products exceeded 62.8 million euro.

Increase by two figures of business in market services rendered to companies, at five months

Business resulting from market services rendered to companies have rose, in the first five months of the year, by two figures, both as unadjusted series (+14.2 pct), as well as in terms of adjusted series (+12.9 pct), compared to the similar interval in 2020, reveals the data published, on Friday, by the National Institute for Statistics (INS).

Competition Council's Chiritoiu: Don't believe gov't approach to make money from 5G auction is best

The government wants to make money from the 5G auction and I don't believe it's the best approach, because it would be important to have good services at affordable prices, the president of the Competition Council, Bogdan Chiritoiu, said on Thursday. "The Romanian government, which has been different every year, has told us that it wants to hold a 5G auction.

Current account balance deficit increases by 2.74 billion euro in first 5 months of year

The current account balance of payments deficit has increased by 2.74 billion euro in the first five months of this year, to 5.947 billion euro, from 3.207 billion euro in the January - May 2020 period, according to data of the National Bank of Romania sent on Wednesday to AGERPRES.

Bitdefender: Romanian hackers' group mining cryptocurrencies using worldwide victims' devices

Bitdefender researchers have discovered a group of Romanian cyber attackers who remotely infect computers and servers across the globe, from where they then illegally mine cryptocurrencies, according to a company statement sent to AGERPRES on Wednesday.