Andreea Rotaru

GCS: Romania's COVID-19 case count at 68,046, death toll hits 2,904

As many as 1,415 new cases of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 were recorded since the last reporting, following national tests, so the total number of infected persons rose to 68,046, the Strategic Communication Group reported on Friday. These are cases that have not previously had a positive test, the GCS states.

This year's Romanian Navy Day celebrations move mainly online because of pandemic safety requirements

Due to the safety requirements imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the Romanian Navy Day will be celebrated differently this year, with most of the events moving online, the Ministry of National Defense said in a release today.

President Iohannis: In front of disease you're either cautious or stupid, one of the two

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday that some politicians are more interested in votes than in the health of Romanians, when they claim that specialists need to come with proof regarding the necessity of prolonging the state of alert.

Defense Ministry team back home on Wednesday from medical support mission to Alabama

The Defense Ministry's specialized medical team that has been on a two-week mission to the state of Alabama, providing critical COVID-19 support to the authorities, will return to the country on Wednesday, the Ministry of National Defense said.

PM Orban phone conversation with Chancellor Merkel;talks also aimed at situation of Romanian seasonal workers in Germany

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban had a phone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday, with the discussions aimed, among others, at the situation of Romanian seasonal workers in Germany.

EduMin Anisie: Romanian school is below level of challenges of current generations of students

Romanian school is below the level of challenges faced by the current generations of students and has remained captive to conservative formulas, said on Monday the Minister of Education, Monica Anisie, in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies, at the debate of the simple motion dubbed "Step by step we have reached educational collapse - PNL created Un-Educated Romania" signed by 93 deputies fr

ICR head on efforts to promote Romanian values online, optimistic about return to live events in fall

Acting president of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) Mirel Talos is optimistic that the events scheduled for this fall will be organised live, remarking the Institute's capacity to adapt during the pandemic and diversify the online promotion of Romanian intellectual values.