Angel Kunchev

Bulgaria: Masks will be Mandatory in Hospitals in Cities with many COVID Cases

The Ministry of Health will today order the regional health inspectorates (RHI) to issue a prescription for the wearing of protective masks in medical facilities in the cities with the highest incidence of COVID-19. This was announced by the chief state health inspector Angel Kunchev, quoted by BTA.

Bulgarian Doctor Kunchev: In 2-3 weeks We Expect a Peak of a New COVID-19 Wave

"We are already in a new wave of COVID-19", confirmed on Nova TV the chief state health inspector Dr. Angel Kunchev.

"We are moving 3-4 weeks after what is happening in Western Europe. In the next two to three weeks, we are expected to face an increase in the new wave," he said.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Easing of Measures begins on Thursday

Covid's measures in Bulgaria will be gradually eased on Thursday, according to an order from the Ministry of Health. Restaurants and public events will become available without a green certificate at the discretion of the owners and organizers, extracurricular activities for children are also allowed with a limit of 12 children per group.

Personality in the News 2021: Dimitar Dimitrov of Allterco. Special Awards: Maria Bakalova, Dronamics, Gymnastics Ensemble, Dr. Kunchev, Dr. Iliev

For the 21st consecutive year,, the largest English-language news agency in Bulgaria, presents the "Personality in the News" awards.

Bulgaria: Measures are Expected to be Tightened in Sofia and other Cities

Sofia will introduce anti-epidemic measures from the third stage of the pandemic management plan, Chief State Health Inspector Angel Kunchev announced after a meeting of the pandemic committee. A decision of the national headquarters is forthcoming, in which the new measures will be described in detail. They should take effect next week.

Bulgarian Prof.: We will Propose Tightening of the Measures

"The requirement for a Covid certificate is like an input filter, so to some extent to provide protection. There is also something very important in the requirement of a green certificate - to reduce the transmission of the virus, because if everyone can enter, these places will become like a breeding ground for the coronavirus.