Angel Kunchev

Bulgarian Prof.: We will Propose Tightening of the Measures

"The requirement for a Covid certificate is like an input filter, so to some extent to provide protection. There is also something very important in the requirement of a green certificate - to reduce the transmission of the virus, because if everyone can enter, these places will become like a breeding ground for the coronavirus.

Bulgarian Health Inspector: Only 0.77% of the Dead from COVID-19 in Bulgaria were Vaccinated

"In epidemiology, things cannot and should not be considered on a daily basis. At a 4-month period, the percentage of deaths from the coronavirus vaccine was 0.77%. That's 1 in 160 people. " Such an opinion was expressed by the Chief State Health Inspector Angel Kunchev in the studio of "Hello, Bulgaria".

Bulgaria’s Chief State Health Inspector: New Lockdown Not Necessary for Now


Despite the increase in the number of those infected with coronavirus, a new lockdown is not necessary s of yet. In some areas, the number of new infcions is higher and the possibility of introducing local measures there will be discusse, voiced his opinion Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev.

On the Verge of New Covid-19 Peak State Chief Health Inspector Set to Make Vaccination Mandarory for Health Workers

Bulgaria's Chief State Health Inspector Angel Kunchev on September 13 insisted on mandatory vaccination for medical and social workers,. According to him, this will not be a violation of human rights. However, the decision is made by the Minister of Health.

Bulgaria May Throw Away Millions of Expired Vaccines

The Chief Inspector Ass. Prof. Kunchev commented that at the end of September the shelf life of 300-400 thousand vaccines against COVID-19 expires. He did not specify which types of vaccines were in question, but in all probability he meant those of Pfizer, which prices became known at the end of last year.