Anton Kutev

Government Spokesman Kutev: Looks Like there Is War between Bulgarian Institutions

Shortly after the Prosecutor's office charged a senior police chief with being part of an organized crime group, on June 2, caretaker Government's spokesperson Anton Kutev said that the actions of the Prosecutor's office threatened to escalate into a warfare between theinstitutions.

Here is what Kutev said after the meeting of the Council of Ministers:

Spokesman for Bulgaria’s Caretaker Cabinet: Prosecutor’s Office Staff Break into Interior Ministry

"During the tenure of the caretaker government, when the legislature is not working, we see attempts by the prosecutor's office to openly interfere in the work of the executive branch," caretaker cabinet spokesman Anton Kutev said at a briefing at the Council of Ministers "in connection with the activity of the prosecutor's office in recent days."

Caretaker Government Replaced almost All Regional Governors

The caretaker Government on Wednesday adopted  a resolution relieving of their posts all regional governors and appointing new replacements.

This was announced by Cabinet's spokesman Anton Kutev this afternoon. The new appointees are to assume their posts at 9 am on Thursday, Kutev told journalists after Cabinet's regular meeting.

Caretaker Minister of Economy Will Initiate Inspection of State-owned Bulgarian Development Bank

A special commission will inspect  Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) to see why it has financed eight persons, 4 of whom may be indirectly linked to famous businessman and former MP Delyan Peevski.

This was announced by the caretaker Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov in an interview with BTV.

The Parliament Overcame the Presidential Veto on the Possibility of Open-Ended Party Financing

With 129 votes in favor, 84 against and 1 abstained, the parliament readopted the Law on the State Budget and overcame the presidential veto over the possibility of open-ended funding for political parties, FOCUS News Agency reported.