Zisis returns to AEK to lead it to triumph at Peristeri

Greece legend Nikos Zisis returned to the local league on Saturday. He helped AEK beat rival Peristeri away and consolidate itself on the second spot of the Basket League.

Zisis, a gold medallist at the 2005 Eurobasket, has decided to end his career at the professional club where he made his name before spending a decade and a half abroad.

Bulgarian soccer fan run over by car in Thessaloniki after clashes

One Bulgarian soccer fan was killed in Thessaloniki during clashes between rival supporters, while two more fans got injured, police in the northern city reported on Sunday.

Fighting among rival fans broke out in central Thessaloniki one day after the Aris vs PAOK soccer derby on Saturday evening and a few hours before Sunday's PAOK vs Aris basketball match.