Arnaud Gouillon

Comic published so that the voice of Serb victims can be heard everywhere in the West

"The story follows the life of young Dimitri returning as refugee to Kosovo shortly before the anti-Serb riots in 2004. This romanticized drama is made up of real events and will show French audiences the recent history of the Balkans from another, less biased angle", Arnaud Gouillon wrote.

"Being a friend of Serbia, genuinely caring for the people in Kosovo is inexcusable"

Gouillon posted on Twitter: "What an outburst of hatred and insults in the Western press over Nobel for Handke. Being a friend of Serbia and genuinely loving the weak and oppressed living in the enclaves in Kosovo and Metohija is obviously inexcusable. Even after 20 years".
The humanitarian then added: "Now at least I know how I will be treated, whatever I do in the future."

"Creators of fake picture of Serbia in France still there"

This is what French-Serbian humanitarian Arno Gujon (Arnaud Gouillon) told Serbia's public broadcaster RTS.

He stressed that it was most important to explain to the French that what they have been listening to for years about Serbia and the situation in Kosovo - has been false, and added that his humanitarian organization has been trying to change that for the past 14 years.

Christmas aid convoy from France arrives in Serb enclaves

A Christmas humanitarian aid convoy from France, worth over EUR 80,000 has arrived in Serb enclaves in Kosovo and Metohija.

The aid was sent by the humanitarian organization Solidarity for Kosovo. Eight volunteers of this organization and its founder Arnaud Gouillon brought 15 tons of aid whose value exceeds EUR 80,000, Solidarity for Kosovo said.