Asen Vassilev

The New Cabinet: Former Rapper Itzo Hazarta received Threats because he Supports Kiril Petkov

For the first time, Hristo Petrov from "We Continue the Change", who is known as the rapper Itzo Hazarta (Itzo The Gambler), spoke from the parliamentary rostrum. He told how Kiril Petkov invited him as a candidate for deputy, after which he asked people from political circles why he should not trust him.

Foreign Media on Bulgaria: The Mission of the New Government is to End Corruption and the Crisis

Bulgaria's prime ministerial candidate, 41-year-old Kiril Petkov, whose new anti-corruption party won the general election last month, said he hoped to take office on Monday as leader of a four-party coalition, ending months of political stalemate in the poorest EU country, AFP reports.

Bulgaria: Kiril Petkov Presented the Cabinet and the New Policies

(UPDATED) Bulgaria: There will be a Government - Structure and Confirmed Ministers

A new structure with five deputy prime ministers and two new ministries envisions a government project being discussed by "We Continue Change", BSP, "There Is Such a People" and "Democratic Bulgaria" according to Dnevnik. Below is what the draft of the Council of Ministers looks like according to the information that has already been officially confirmed and who are the ministers in it.

Asen Vassilev: We hope to have a Coalition Agreement by the End of the Day Tomorrow

For the first time, all four parties to sign the coalition cabinet agreement have come together for talks. The meeting of the Coordination Council was held in the Mirror Hall of the National Assembly.

We hope to have a coalition agreement by the end of the day tomorrow, said the co-chairman of "We Continue the Change" Asen Vassilev.

Asen Vassilev: Each Party will have a Deputy Prime Minister

Each participant in the future coalition government will have a deputy prime minister. This was confirmed on the sidelines of the parliament by the co-chairman of "We Continue the Change" Asen Vassilev. There will also be a Deputy Prime Minister in charge of effective governance, a total of 5.

Asen Vassilev: The Expectations are that there will be a Government next week

"We Continue the Change" is expected to have a government within the next week. This was announced by the co-chairman of the party Asen Vassilev in the studio of "Awake". However, it has not yet reached the point of having a coalition agreement signed, which could happen by the end of next week, he said.